Running periodic background tasks in Golang

The Problem I had to download some files in the background every day on my Golang server. So, let’s break this problem into two parts - Run tasks periodically. Run tasks in the background. Run tasks periodically If you are aware of background tasks, you must have come across/used Linux Cronjob sometime. But wait, What is Cron? Cron allows Linux and Unix users to run commands or scripts at a given date and time. [Read More]

1st Month at Gojek

A new phase, new journey, new learnings… Just coming out of college with countless memories and moving to a new phase of life where you show and implement what you have learned in the past 18 years of education. I started this “Real-world” phase with Gojek. I joined Gojek as a Product Engineer earlier this month. What’s Gojek? Never heard? Some of you might have heard Gojek, but mostly not since it is not live in India. [Read More]

Role Model - You should have one

Today, during the Bootcamp 005 at Gojek, we were asked a simple question! > Do you have a role model ? Who is that person ? Is he the best in field of what you want to be ? There was no one in our batch, who could answer the above set of questions with an explanation aligning with one’s goals. I believe it is difficult to have a single role model. [Read More]